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The mission of Sundar Serendipity Foundation is prevention
and alleviation of multiple micronutrient deficiencies.
Sundar Serendipity Foundation is a Research Foundation committed to the cause of combating micronutrient deficiencies in developing countries. Technologies for common cooking salt fortified with multiple micronutrients such as Vitamin A, iron, iodine, folic acid, vitamin B12 and zinc has been developed by Sundar Serendipity foundation after years of intense research. It also has a technology for manufacture of a multiple micronutrient fortified food supplement(MMFS), a powder with over 10 micronutrients which is sprinkled over food during cooking, to make the meal a balanced meal with respect to micronutrients. We have Indian patents for the multiple micronutrient fortified salt and the multiple micronutrient food supplement (MMFS).

An important feature in our approach to combat micronutrient malnourishment is the very low cost of delivery of multiple micronutrients through the multiple micronutrient fortified salt and the multiple micronutrient food supplement(MMFS). The cost of delivery of the multiple micronutrients through our products is about 10 paise per person per day. This is a fraction of the current methods of micronutrient delivery through tablets capsules or syrups.
Present Scenario :
  • The National family health survey NFHS3 done recently in India shows 79.2% of children under three, 56.2% of young women, 57.9% of the pregnant women and 24.3% of men are anaemic.
  • Our research in poor school children in Chennai has shown that 60% of the children have biochemical vitamin A deficiency.
  • In our clinical studies we have seen that the prevalence of iodine deficiency with urinary iodine less than 100mcg/L ranges from 26% in rural communities in Gujarat to 30% in school children in Chennai.
  • Prevalence of zinc deficiencies in our studies is 21% in school children in the 5-15years age group.
Our contribution to tackle the present scenario :
  • Several clinical studies done by us have proven that the micronutrients from the multiple fortified cooking salt is bioavailable.
  • Improvement of the micronutrients in the serum has resulted in higher productivity in tea pickers and improved memory in school children.
  • Clinical studies on the MMFS have also proved the bioavailability of the micronutrients along with improved memory scores in children.
  • Detailed information on the results of several clinical studies on the efficacy of the above 2 products can be obtained by clicking
    Clinical trials.
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