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Multiple micronutrient food supplement
The multiple micronutrient food supplement is a powder with 12 micronutrients which is added to the food during cooking at a dosage of 1 gram per person per day. This makes the meal balanced with respect to micronutrients. The micronutrients in the MMFS are extremely stable during cooking and storage and highly bioavailable.

i :) Brand Name: Vitall

Packaging: sachets of 1 gram
Ingredient : Nutrient composition
Vitamin A IU/g : 1500
Vitamin B2 mg/g : 1
Calcium pantothenate mg/g : 1
Niacin mg/g : 15
Vitamin B6 mg/g : 1
Folic Acid mcg/gm : 100
Vitamin B12 mcg/gm : 1
Vitamin E IU/g : 30
Vitamin C mg/g : 30
Iron mg/g : 10
Lysine mg/g : 250
Calcium % : 15.63
In clinical trials the multiple micronutrient food supplement(MMFS) has improved the micronutrient status of school children and also improved the memory in children. Based on the specific needs of the rural communities, the above micronutrients can be added or deleted and micronutrient compositions specific to the needs of the communities can be developed.
What makes the MMFS unique?
a. Only one of its kind in the world
Currently micronutrients in the form of sprinkles are available for adding to the bowl of the cooked food of children. However the MMFS is to be added to the food during cooking and provides the micronutrients to the entire family. No body has successfully manufactured or clinically tested the MMFS before. For this delivery system to be successful, the micronutrients have to be stable during storage and during cooking and also not discolour the food during cooking or impart any different taste to the food during or after cooking. Clinical studies have proven that the micronutrients are extremely stable during storage, at the cooking temperatures and also highly bioavailable. There is no change in the colour or taste of the cooked food when food is cooked with the MMFS. The iron in the MMFS is chelated and highly bioavailable.
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